Commercial Automation

We spend most of our time at our offices, working hard to realise our Professional and Personal Goals.


In this fast-paced work culture, we tend to forget to turn off the power source of AC, Projectors, Lights thus wasting energy, contributing to environmental damage and of-course, generating  huge bills for your Finance Department.


Avancee Commercial Automation Solutions automates Your Meeting / Conference Rooms by Turning On required Loads as you enter the meetings and Turning Off the Loads, soon after you vacate the premises thus saving power and ensuring your contribution to conserve the fast depleting natural reserves.

Too many Switches and Too many Loads to manage in a Commercial / Corporate environment?


Avancee offers our most advanced C Series of Automation Solutions.  Tailor made to suit your needs


Be it Sensor Based Load Control, Temperature Control, Smart Load Control or Security systems, Avancee has a solution for it all!