Home Automation Solutions

Advanced automation solutions from Avancee enables you to automate your existing homes or your dreams under construction. We help you automate Lights, Fans, Curtains, Air Conditioners, Televisions, Home Theatre, Security Systems, Gardens and everything electronic you can imagine of!

We have designed & developed various solutions for you as per your requirements, We call it Advanced Retro and touch series .

Retro Buildings or Heritage Buildings reflect culture through generations...but why should they be deprived of the feel of ultra-modern automated homes?


Our Retro Series is the solution for you!


control device perfectly blends behind fixed switch boards, thus giving a magical feeling of having automation without any interior changes.


The choice of load depends entirely upon you. We can automate anything that runs on power! 

Our SL Series is a Hi-Fi Series that eliminates the need of conventional switches.


If you are a Sci-Fi Genre buff, you would certainly love this futuristic Automation Series, replacing conventional switch board system with Wall Mounted Digital Control System.


You can still control the configured devices using voice command from your Smart Phones and Tabs. 


Note: not to forget remote access from anywhere!